Meet Our Staff

Michele Gurr

Michele earned her associate degree in veterinary technology in May of 2018 and graduated summa cum laude.  She achieved licensure in 2019 becoming the only licensed veterinary technician/nurse in private practice in Kanab.   She also has over a decade of hands-on experience as a veterinary technician, working with both large and companion animals. She considers being a veterinary technician to be a passion, not a job.

Michele began working with Dr. Backus in March of 2006; After a few years spent gaining technical skills at another clinic, and earning her degree, she is back with our practice. She has a passion for all aspects of veterinary medicine, and is always looking for opportunities to increase her knowledge and skillset to provide the best nursing care possible to our patients.

When she’s not in clinic, Michele shares her time with her horse, boxer, two pugs, two cats, and small flock of chickens. Every now and then, they let her spend a little time with her husband on off road adventures and enjoying nature. Her favorite hobbies include crochet, creating metal art, essential oils, and grandkids.

Meisja Wagner

Meisja Wagner is our Barn Manager, Large Animal Vet Tech and Hoof Care Expert. She has more than 20 years of experience working with and around horses. Including working internationally with sport horses.

At the ranch with Dr. Backus Meisja oversees a Management Intensive Rotational Grazing program for all livestock. She also holds Equine nutrition certification from the University of Edinburgh.

Meisja has been working as a Bare Hoof Care Specialist since 2011, and has studied with such experts as Pete Ramey and Christoph Schork.

Meisja prefers Three day Eventing to other horse sports but is usually game to try anything horse related. Working as part of Dr. Backus’ team has given Meisja the unique opportunity to apply her specialized skill set in a functional and holistic setting.

When not in the barn or on a horse Meisja is kept very busy with her 2 children, 2 dogs, her cat , her horse, and her husband.