Autoimmune Disease

The classic sign of an autoimmune disease is inflammation:

Autoimmune disorders are complex and difficult to understand.  It is the epitome of life gone wrong when the body's defense system starts attacking its own cells.  There is an obvious misdirected, misinformed and misguided immune system.  Interestingly, science now believes that up to 80 % or more of the intelligence and whole system coordination of the immune defense is in the gut.  The microbiome and the entire communication ecosystem.  And this is complex.  Autoimmune disorders when the body is destroying really important cells such as red blood cells can be life threatening.  And it can come up quickly.  Thus the take home is that given the complexity of autoimmune disease, each animal and the triggers and perpetuating factors are considered and a holistic approach is the only way to truly address cause and not just suppress the immune system with drugs that do cause side effects in the long run.  This is NOT the easy route and requires a huge devotion and commitment to unravel as often the gut itself as the root problem can not be used as the route of support.  As a holistic veterinarian, I have more to offer as with the case of Bluebelle, when her regular veterinarian suggested euthanasia because he did not know of any more options.