Appointment Process

Onsite Consultations: Our clinic is a different experience than from a traditional veterinarian’s office. The most notable aspect is we focus on forensics or finding the cause for the health issue; therefore, we spend more time with our clients and patients. An onsite appointment includes 1) a medical records review 2) a physical exam 3) an action plan with resources 4) a follow up email.


  1. ALL medical records: It is extremely helpful to have the previous medical history from any prior veterinarian, so it can be reviewed prior to appointment. This keeps the appointment time more efficient and prevents redundant testing or information gathering. Also, previous medical information can provide a valuable place to begin and to continue to build upon. The release of medical records requires the human guardian(s) permission; therefore, obtaining medical records can be done in two ways: 1) email us your veterinarian(s) information and we can call to obtain records for you. Remember to give us the full name of main guardian on account and the animal’s full name, age, and breed 2) You can call your veterinarian(s) office to have records released to us. If you decide to do so, please have them emailed to or faxed to 1-801-839-7187.
  2. Pricing: Depending on the complexity of the health issue determines the price of the appointment. A direct case starts at $90.00 for a ½ hour appointment. A more chronic case starts at $175.00 for a 1 hour appointment time. All labs, treatments, supplements, etc. will be charged separately and we will be happy to provide an estimate.

Phone Consultations/Medical Records Reviews: Phone consultations hold a great value in exchange of information; however, it is important to note that Dr. Backus is a licensed veterinarian and as such must follow strict laws by establishing a valid client patient relationship. It is a violation of state(s) law for ANY veterinarian to diagnose, prescribe, and/or treat over the telephone without physically examining the patient within a specified time frame. The laws are no different with holistic and/or integrative medicine, so keep this in mind if you would like to request a phone consult and/or medical records review.


Requirements are the same as an onsite consultation. Pricing will vary depending on the type of phone consultation needed.