Contact Us

To contact Dr. Kathy Backus's clinic, please use the email form below or call 435-899-0577 to leave a voice message or text.  Kindly note that as we are such a small clinic, our realistic goal is to return your request within 48 hours of working days.

You can jump in by going to and signing up using my practitioner code d1fe56  that will allow you to immediately fill out the forms needed in detail to expedite the appointment process.  And Healthie is a GREAT way to get medical records and photos to me so when we have our consultation, we will be ready to discuss the information. 

Due to some unfortunate and unforeseen events, our practice will be temporarily closed, so keep checking back with us for updates. Even though our on-site facility is closed, we are working towards mobile and telemedicine options. We sincerely apologize about any inconvenience this will cause to you and your family. You CAN sign up with our telemedicine platform to expedite the appointment process.  See above.