Contact Us

To contact Dr. Kathy Backus's clinic, please use the email form below or call 435-899-0577 or 801-544-1512 (landline with more recording options) for appointment availability and other inquiries.  Kindly note that as we are such a small clinic, our realistic goal is to return your request within 48 hours of working days.

Prior to any consultation, please fill out the New Client and New Patient Information forms. Most consultations can be scheduled within 48 hours of the request.

Note: Please know that we would love for a week's notice on refills. Some supplements can be drop shipped from the manufacturer directly. Any prescription from a doctor requires a valid assessment by a doctor. If we are in service of acting as a pharmacy but are not the prescribing doctor, a written prescription is required. Most of the supplements that we use are a prescription. This ensures the quality of the product.

Thank you for taking the first step in our appointment process. The most notable aspect of the clinic experience is the focus on forensics or finding the cause for the health issue. Therefore, ALL appointments begin with a consultation. The first consultation includes one on one time with the doctor, a medical records review, a physical exam, and an action plan. The action plan will include the doctors recommendations for possible treatment options.

Please Note: Because we practice integrative medicine and/or identifying and treating the root cause of a medical issue, most of our services are used as an integrated manner as opposed to a stand alone therapy.