Reorder Supplements

Note: Please know that we would love for a week's notice on refills. Some supplements can be drop shipped from the manufacturer directly. Any prescription from a doctor requires a valid assessment by a doctor. If we are in service of acting as a pharmacy but are not the prescribing doctor, a written prescription is required. Most of the supplements that we use are a prescription. This ensures the quality of the product.

Convenience for our Clients and Patients

We are happy to provide this reorder page for our existing clients and patients. The top button "visit our online pharmacy" takes you to our main pharmacy, Vets First Choice.  You can make purchases there except for a prescription approved product.  For prescriptions, you can make a request at the online pharmacy page and we will be notified of such.  Then we will create an approval if appropriate. If prefer to speak with someone regarding your order, you are more than welcome to call them direct 1-888-606-3336.

Keep in mind to abide by law, we have to have seen your animal physically in the clinic within the last year and all required blood monitoring panels are up to date including a heartworm test.

We use these pharmacies both for the online convenience and efficiency and cost savings as well as their integrity to ensure that the products offered are truly of the highest quality and efficacy.

For the Fullscript pharmacy, clients will need login information from Dr. Backus' clinic prior to use.

ENJOY and please Click on your desired vendor below.  You will be redirected to the appropriate page to place your order(s).

As always, if you are having difficulty reordering online, we encourage you to contact us.

Vets First Choice