Healthie Platform

How to set up your Healthie Platform?

Welcome to our NEW communication platform, Healthie! We do know and understand this is a HUMAN platform. However, we do believe the Healthie platform is a perfect way for us to communicate with you, as well as for you to communicate with us.   Having a central place to store/record all information in an efficient and convenient manner while maintaining the high standard of HIPPA privacy is wonderful.

Now, before we get started, please walk into creating your very own personal Healthie account with an open mind and try to think outside the box. Okay, let’s get started:

Step 1: Receiving a Healthie Invite – If you are a new client with our clinic, we will send you a Welcome Healthie invite, which will have a link for you to set up an account. For existing clients, you should have already received a Welcome Healthie invite; however, if you have yet to receive an invite, please let us know and we will send you another one.  You can also go directly to  and sign up under my practitioner code d1fe56  that will allow you to start filling out the required forms, and upload medical records and get ready for the consultation.

How to create a folder and/or folders for your animals?

Step 2: Creating a folder and/or folders – After you have set up your account, the next step will be to create a folder for EACH of your animals. Please follow the instructions below to complete this process.

  1. On the left side bar, under the doctor’s logo, you will see a DOCUMENTS tab. Please click on and open this tab.
  2. On the top right side of the screen, you will see in red CREATE A FOLDER. Please click on and open this tab.
  3. Fill out the Name of the animal, i.e. Violet
  4. Fill out a Description, i.e.
    • Species: Canine
    • Breed: Whippet Mix
    • Sex: Spayed Female
    • Date of Birth: 02/28/2013
  5. Folder Path will remain as NONE.
  6. Click on CREATE FOLDER

How to add documents into your animal’s folder?

Step 3: Adding documents – After you are done creating folders, you now have the option to upload pertinent data, i.e. medical records, labs and bloodwork, pictures, and notes.

  1. On the top right side of the screen, you will see in red CHOOSE A FILE (right next to create a folder). Please click on and open this tab.
  2. Fill out a description of information you are uploading, i.e. Bloodwork done on 01/01/2017.
  3. Pick the correct folder path (animal folders you have created) from the drop down, i.e. Violet.
  4. Click on upload file.
  5. Click on folder then on file to make sure information was uploaded correctly.

How to have fun and be creative with your Healthie Account?

Step 4: Have FUN and BE creative – The only requirement you HAVE to complete on our end is the setting up your account and your animal folders. However, Healthie is a fun program for data holding and the exchange of information, SO you can make your Healthie profile unique to you and your animal(s).

This is where thinking out of the box can be a fun experience. The Healthie Dashboard has several fun data entry points, i.e. Food Journal, Workouts, Selfies, Metrics, and Goals. You could use this section for the main animal with the most health issues or you could use it for yourself, i.e. maybe you want to improve your health and need a platform to keep track of your progress. Either way, we encourage you to use and have fun with the program.

If you should have any issues with the Healthie platform, our understanding is the Healthie staff will be able to help you. On the lower right side of your screen, you should see a blue button with a CHAT icon. By clicking it, you should be able to type in your issue and/or question and get a timely response.