If You Love Dogs, You’ll Be Fascinated by This Study

I love science and citizen science rocks because it provides good data without using animals in laboratories settings and is true to real life as well. This initial look at labrador retrievers says it all. They LOVE to retrieve. And the other interesting take away is that in HUMANS we are attributing 20% to genetics and 80 % influenced by environment including life experience. However, with dogs the intense line breeding MAY shift the genetic hard wiring closer to 50:50 especially with personalities and behavior. That being said, the other stronger influencer is life experience. So the bottom line is do your homework when you pick a companion dog. Can you provide a match for the needs of this breed with exercise and training and cognitive levels? As we shift to emphasis on the nurturing and life giving culture or partnership and leave the domination pattern, our ‘work’ and responsibility starts at home and the choices you make that impact another animal make all the difference in the world.
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