Raw Green Tripe

Lay Down a Good Foundation! One of the first questions we ask our clients is, “What is your dogs currently diet? kibble? Commercial Raw? or Homemade?” The reason we ask this question is because a more natural diet is fundamental is establishing GOOD health. Although our pets have been domesticated, their dietary needs have not changed over thousands of years. This means “most pets thrive on a diet consisting of predominately fresh meat” (not a kibble diet as many commercial kibble companies would like us to believe). Along with a fresh meat diet, one fresh meat ingredient with many health benefits is raw green tripe, which is “the entire unprocessed stomach of a cud-chewing animal such as a cow or deer.” The thought of our precious pets eating such foods may seem “yucky”, but our pets are carnivorous animals. In the wild, it would be their natural instinct to kill other animals and “eat the entire animal”, including the stomach and entrails, which provides a balance of nutrients as well as beneficial bacteria and enzymes.. To learn more about the health benefits of tripe, click here