Horses Greatly Benefit from Biologic Dentistry.

It is so much more than simply removing points of the teeth. In humans the alignment or balance of the jaw hugely impacts the TMJ joint and balance and proprioception, not to mention when things are awry: headaches, pain, sleep disorders and neurologic impairment can be debilitating.

Chronic inflammation and infection in the teeth have been shown to be the key to difficult to solve chronic health problems in people. In the horse, this is 1000x more pertinent simply because of the size of the horses' head. The weight of the head of a horse, coupled with the 4 legged stance in relationship to gravity makes a balanced jaw essential for performance. This is where repeated chiropractic adjustments, massage and acupuncture are not solving the problem, just chasing symptoms.

Dr. Backus has had extensive experience and training in balancing a horses' mouth. In biologic dentistry, we also have created a package for horses that includes an upper cervical adjustment, ozone therapy, prescription strength homeopathic remedies for pain and inflammation, alpha stim therapy for relaxing and reduction of sedatives, PEMF therapy for resetting the nervous system and pain reduction.