Small Animals

An Ounce of Prevention...

Dental and periodontal disease causes chronic inflammation and infection in the mouth that can spread to ALL parts of the body. Sensitive body organs are the heart, kidneys and liver causing these organs to fail. This is one of the most dangerous and most common and yet totally preventable conditions in dogs and cats.

For grade 1 or 2 dental disease, we offer anesthesia free holistic dentistry. This is above and beyond the traditional anesthesia free dentistry that offers dental scaling and polishing, comprehensive evaluation of the teeth with pocket probing, charting and finally a treatment plan.

Our dental packages are expanded to include natural anti-inflammatory oral irrigation, high potency prescription strength homeopathic remedies for anxiety, anti-inflammation and pain control, PEMF treatment for joint comfort and gentle swaddling techniques during treatment.  Finally an upper cervical chiropractic adjustment is done post procedure to help the animal assimilate the changes as well as reset the body after so much handling on the head and jaw.  Most importantly, we offer ozone gas treatments as well as topical ozonated oils for the most effective treatment of infection in the mouth. Our clinic environment is cage free, stress free, with calming sound and diffusers and simply is an impressive restorative and supporting environment for both pets and their people.

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