Clarification: Goals and expectations of phone consultations.

The veterinary medical practice act that dictates licensure as a veterinarian has a strict definition of a valid client patient relationship. It is a violation of this act for any veterinarian to diagnose or prescribe over the telephone without physically examining the patient within a specified time frame. However phone consultation holds great value in exchange of information.

In the holistic medical paradigm, the focus is on getting to the source or cause of a medical issue and addressing that issue to bring the body back into the most optimal balance. The goal of creating the best clinical outcome or life path and often a cure is the journey not just a reduction of symptoms. In the holistic medical paradigm, there are three phases: the first is the information gathering phase. This information can come from many sources including medical intuitive, spiritual counseling, emotional disintegration, whatever is the driving or biggest contributor(s) to the issue or well being of the animal. The second phase is the creation of an individualized action plan based upon thorough and thoughtful decisions from the information gathered in the first phase. The third phase is the implementation of the action plan. In all three phases, I could wear different hats from life coach to minister to doctor to surgeon to pharmacist. My breadth of knowledge in legitimate training and credentials as well as my experience and access to a well traveled and gathered resource list of people is where the value is.

Every situation is unique in the level and extent of assistance in each of the phases of the journey. Phone consultation is utilized for information gathering and creation of an action plan.  The fee structure for this service is in 15 minute increments.  Each increment of time is a package that includes the time to review any medical records or information prior to the consultation, the actual time with Dr. Backus DVM, a follow up email summary that includes the action plan and an estimate for services or products included in that action plan and any further correspondence regarding clarification from that session.

All new developments of health and correspondence regarding such go through the same process of gathering information and compliling an amended action plan and are considered as separate and new consultation.  These will be billed in 15 min increments including communication via email.