Home Oral Care Maintenance

Importance of Home Oral Care Maintenance

Just as with us humans, dogs and cats benefit tremendously from good oral health. The holistic premise of care for oral care is to do something every 24 hours to disrupt the micro biome in the mouth to keep plaque from accumulating and then running away into tartar and gum infections. We use a multi prong approach and option and this is more practical with dogs but some cats will also let you use some of these techniques and products.

The first and most popular way to disrupt the micro biome in the mouth is with mechanical brushing. We like vetzlife gel or leba 2 as powerful shortcuts because the enzymatic power of both of these products allows for a short application time and less mechanical scrubbing of each area in the mouth. As long as you are getting the product on the teeth in one area, it will work with the saliva. This is best done in the morning.

Healthy mouth gel is a fantastic product that is the only one with extensive clinical testing in both dogs and horses. This application is best done at night. And of course the food and/or water additive product is awesome as well. You can purchase both of these on our online dispensary: vets first choice.

Using a water pic is a good option on some dogs. You must be very careful of the setting and it is more important when there is gum infection or root exposure and anesthesia is not an option. See the video here on the how to:

Finally, diluted clove oil, ozonated oils and restore are all additional options for great oral care. This is the work that you do daily at home that pays dividends in long term health and quality of life. Bad teeth are very painful in addition to the bacteria load they create in the body.