Hospice Care: The BIG Picture

It is an honorable and yet challenging gift to die well both for the individual as well as the family and society. End of life care through transition assistance, is a private process, one we all will go through and bear witness to. Here is where 'support' extends beyond the physical body to the emotional, psychological, family logistics, and beliefs are given a space to unfold. Holistic care holds the depth of options from acupuncture, herbs, energy medicine and even animal communication are all excellent ways to support the process. We can offer powerful tools for pain relief even pharmaceuticals when needed in an integrative approach.

4 Products to Consider for Older Pets Written By: Mary Gardner, DVM and Published by DVM360

Sliding Is Only FUN When You're A Kid

Most homes have tile or wood floor that's like an ice rink to pets, especially older dogs who are struggling with mobility. Any yoga mat works great for traction around the house. A yoga mat is light and easy to move, and you can cut them to fit particular locations. A bathmat with a rubber back is also good.

A Helping Hand

The Help 'Em Up Harness is my favorite harness for dogs with mobility issues. They have "girl" and "boy" versions with a handle in the front that supports the dog's chest.

Do You Adequately Adequan?

I love Adequan injections as far as medications go, especially as part of a multimodal approach that can include an NSAID, pain control and amantadine.

Relaaaaaax, Man...

Here's a product you might not expect from me in the discussion—Adaptil. A lot of these bigger dogs with mobility issues also have a bit of anxiety, whether if it’s from the pain, the lack of mobility or cognition issues. Adaptil spray can really help lower some stress.