In Home Euthanasia

One of the most challenging, yet rewarding undertakings we can do as pet parents is to help our dying beloved pets transition from this life cycle to the next in the most kindest and comfortable way possible. In a perfect world, our animal family members would live long, comfortable and healthy lives; free from chronic pain and disease and pass away peacefully in their sleep at home surrounded by the people who loved them the most. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case for most of us and eventually all of us must make the hard decision to assist our pets through the dying process. While the decision is complicated and tough to say the least, the best and final gift we can give our devoted and faithful companions is the option to pass away peacefully at home surrounded by their people. When you feel this time is approaching, here are some end of life veterinarians who have made it their goal to give your pet the dignity in death as they had in life by providing home euthanasia services.

Utah Pet Loss Resources

  1. Having trouble coping with the loss of your pet? Get help instantly by visiting The Pet Loss Support Page.

Home Euthanasia and Cremation Services

  1. Pet Loss at Home Salt Lake City Home Pet Euthanasia
  2. Dr. Tanya Kjeldsberg, DVM Peaceful Pet Departures
  3. Dr. Layle and Scott Echols Errand or Mercy
  4. Tyler and Jamie Jackson Major Street Pet Services

Coeio Infinity Burial

It's hard for you to say goodbye to your pet. Let Coeio help you. We have a couple of their beds available at the clinic for sale and love this burial option.  Coeio also has great resources to assist in the entire planning and grieving process.

The Forever Spot by Coeio offers pet burial products that benefit the earth and are comforting to pet owners. To learn more please visit Coeio Pet Burial Products.  Once again, our animals mirror what is going on in the world for us as humans because of their shorter life span, disease and disease processes show up more quickly.  Like the canary in the coal mine.  The level of toxins in our animals' bodies can be processed by the mushroom bed especially if given euthanasia and these toxins are released with cremation.  The mushroom bed option gifts back to mother earth all that she has given as a huge and pure thank-you in a non-toxic form.  There is an option for human burial as well!