Our Philosophy

Holistic Veterinary Philosophy

Traditional or conventional medicine is a paradigm where symptoms are evaluated and either a physical substance or a physical, energetic intervention is applied and provides input to the body. The outcome is a targeted change in symptoms that is then called success or the intended goal. The expectation is that the symptoms are alleviated quickly. This paradigm is powerful and deeply ingrained in Western Society culture, thus sometimes also called Western medicine. It has great value in areas such as broad life saving public health issues and in emergency/critical care intervention and surgical intervention. It is a powerful and effective tool.

Holistic medicine can be defined as another paradigm of healing that may also evaluate symptoms, yet has the intent to expand or broaden the evaluation of the body beyond the physical to include the energetic, spiritual, emotional, psychological, and socio-economic aspect of the family as well. This expanded view allows for a deeper evaluation of "the problem" with the intent to find and explore the cause. The treatment or input is co-creating solutions of health and well being for the animal in sacred relationship to the person(s) the animal has in its life. The outcome is a uniquely created path or journey of well-being or health as defined for that individual. This approach is a different paradigm of healing that can be called holistic veterinary medicine. Holistic medicine has great value in chronic degenerative disease, allergies and cancer. Allergies, cancer and all chronic degenerative disease are influenced by lifepath (style) choices. In fact, the recent "discovery" of epigenetics by Bruce Lipton PHD suggests that more than 50% of the outcome or manifested reality of a being is from nurture not nature! This is such an incredibly exciting discovery and paradigm as it means that health is in your hands and influence! It also means that health, influenced and created by your choices, demands a commitment to creating habits that become lifelong and thus is a journey ever evolving.