Services Overview

Although the practice is a holistic practice, Dr. Backus DVM has an emphasis on forensics or identifying cause and thus offers information gathering options such as diagnostic blood testing in both traditional labs and holistic medical laboratory services. She has special interest in regional specific diseases such as Valley Fever and tick borne disease and co-commitant infections. Dr. Backus DVM maintains her DEA license as well as her APHIS accreditation and can issue health certificates for travel. The practice is not set up as an emergency center but has the ability to triage and stabilize emergency situations in order to safely transport the animal/patient to the nearest emergency/critical care center.

Treatment services include:

  • minor surgical procedures without gas anesthesia
  • adjuvant free vaccinations, including rabies with concurrent homeopathy to help process the vaccination,
  • vaccination titer testing and individualized vaccine assessment
  • Nutrigenomics through Nutriscan, a very sensitive food sensitivity and intolerance saliva test
  • toenail trimming for functional balance, equine barefoot consultation and resources for functional balance for athletes
  • detoxifying baths and other detoxing protocols,
  • deworming options, equine fecal egg counts, a global approach
  • equine dental equilibration options and resources, essential for optimal postural balance
  • acupuncture; electroacupuncture unit
  • chiropractic focus on postural rehabilitation
  • integrative cancer therapies including neoplasene treatment.
  • oxidative medicine using ozone in many applications: prolozone therapy, rectal ozone therapy, IV ozone, aural ozone, topical (bagging), SQ ozonated fluids, ozonated drinking water
  • human ozone sauna available for therapeutic time while the animal is receiving services, a great way to spend your time at the clinic
  • Biophotonic blood therapy for small and large animals
  • PEMF portable machine for small and large animals, assisi loops for at home PEMF therapy
  • low level laser therapy Q1000 laser
  • light therapy
  • alpha stim unit
  • NAET