Dr. Backus and Vaccinations

Vaccinations are necessary but over-vaccinating serves no purpose

Here at Universally Holistic Veterinary Services, we understand that vaccinations ARE necessary and some are required by law. There are in fact, several ongoing studies that show that many of the common vaccines confer "duration of immunity" for several years if properly given. This is why Dr. Backus spends much of her personal time researching, studying, and attending conferences to stay up-to-date on current healthcare data; be it veterinary, human, traditional or holistic. While she believes vaccinations are necessary...over-vaccinating serves no purpose, except creating possible future health complications for our animal friends.

In Dr. Backus' veterinary experience, she has seen many animals develop various side effects from vaccinations. Most of the time she sees the common "flu" like symptoms; however, she has also seen more serious side effects, such as developing or escalating tumors, seizures, thyroid/kidney disease, complete immune system failure and/or death. This is why she is committed to sharing her knowledge, while still following AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association) guidelines and only using core vaccines.

When it comes to vaccines, at Universally Holistic Veterinary Services we use a product called PureVax; which is a Merial manufactured product. PureVax is classified as a recombinant viral vector vaccine and contains no unnecessary proteins, adjuvants, or mercury; thus, making it a safer product than a "modified-live" vaccine. Merial's product also has studies to show that it produces protective immunity more quickly in the face of maternal antibodies that can block the vaccine "lesson". We frequently and concurrently administer a homeopathic product depending on the situation and health of the animal. In addition, Dr. Backus may recommend ozonated SQ fluids to process the vaccine through the system at a faster rate. Another frequent recommendation is to space vaccinations out over a month(s) and to only give vaccinations when our pet friends are deemed to appear completely healthy upon physical examination and complete health history.

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For older animals, vaccinations may not be needed or recommended instead doing a titer. A titer is a blood test that will reveal the level of antibodies found in the blood, which functions as a measure of the immune response. For more information on titer testing, visit W. Jean Dodds', DVM website. We do offer titer testing here at the clinic and will send into hemopet. Typically, we see results in 4-7 days after they receive the sample.

All of this information will be discussed in more detail during your animal's first vaccine appointment and annual comprehensive exams thereafter. Remember, vaccinations are important and more information is being discovered every day. The more knowledge that is shared about vaccinations the more we can work together in preventing illness and/or disease for a longer and healthy life; both for our beloved animal family members and the populations of animals that we cherish in our world.