Horse Vaccinations

Similar to small animals, horses benefit from an individualized approach

There are more variables with horses with regards to the decision making process in giving vaccinations. Herd immunity and use, lifestyle, travel, living environment, medical history and current health status are all considerations. Thus the collaboration/consultation with Dr. Backus is the key and valued aspect of the information exchange and creating an action plan. That being said, the best resource for the recommendations for horse vaccination is found at the Americian Association of Equine Practioners.

It is possible to do titers on horses as well. We offer this service through hemopet. Titer testing in a horse can be much more expensive because there are more viruses of the core vaccines than small animals.

We also utilize homeopathics, ozone when administering vaccinations to horses and have an extensive access to the most current and best resources of information to help you make the best decision for your horse

Equine Vaccination and Titer Protocol by: Jean Dodds, DVM

For more information regarding Equine vaccinations and titers, please read Dr. Jean Dodds Equine Vaccines & Titer Testing recommendations.