Vet Care

Experience a Journey of Health

In choosing the path of holistic medicine, you are invited to consider experiencing a journey of health by connecting with Dr. Backus DVM as a team. Because of the broad evaluation and unique life path of health, an open, trusting and mutual exchange and respect as a team will be honored. The exploration involves focusing on solutions to address the problem or underlying cause and not just throwing everything at symptoms and hoping for the best. This team synergy can include a primary care doctor as well as a specialist or remain as a primary holistic care approach. This allows the option of pursuing an integrative approach combining western and holistic medicine or solely holistic medicine; always able to blend or go integrative at a future point in time, a fluid path. This fluid journey and team approach relies on great communication, which is facilitated on an ongoing basis to all team members.

At this point in time, Dr. Backus DVM offers services of holistic consultation working with traditional primary care veterinarians as a team or directly with the client/patient. The journey of health is an exploration, gleaning and gaining knowledge that continually expands and evolves as with all things of the universe. Dr. Backus DVM is a 'continuing education junkie' attending seminars and webinars and networking and reading all the time. The hope and intention is for you to benefit from the myriad of information and get excited and empowered to begin and continue your journey of health for your companion animal in your life.