What to Expect

The most notable aspect of the clinic experience is the focus on forensics or finding the cause for the health issue.

This is a different experience from traditional medical paradigm; here the inquiry is more broad and involved. It is extremely helpful to have the previous medical history from any prior veterinary appointments, even a summary of an extensive medical record so that this can be reviewed prior to the initial visit. This keeps the appointment time more efficient and prevents redundant testing or information gathering.  And this previous information is a valuable place to begin and to continue to build upon.    Often the veterinarian releasing this medical information requires the human guardian(s)' permission.

Oxidative medicine is a foundational treatment at the clinic. Ozone is used as a primary or adjunct treatment in almost every case. Dr. Judith Shoemaker DVM is a highly respected colleague and mentor and her business name says it all, "Always Helpful Veterinary Services". Dr. Backus DVM once inquired of Dr. Shoemaker DVM the hypothetical situation if she had one tool to use to facilitate healing in the body what would it be? Dr. Shoemaker DVM said "getting the body relating right with gravity so effective and efficient healing can take place AND ozone. Ozone has saved more lives than any other treatment tool I have used". This is profound, sit up straight and take note information, coming from Judith Shoemaker DVM and deeply inspired my exploration of ozone. I attended Frank Shallenberger's MD ozone therapy course the first chance I got and have never looked back. The general concept for ozone is that it "lights the fire" physiologically getting the mitochondrial factories in the cells working again efficiently. Ozone therapy may be the most versatile, safe and powerful therapy the world has ever known for infectious, vascular, degenerative, and injury related disease. Our bodies and more so the bodies of animals get overwhelmed by the amount of toxic substances coming into them. Each cells' mitochondria function best when utilizing oxygen. It is isn't just the delivery of the oxygen to the cells, more importantly the ability of the cell to efficiently use oxygen is the key. Oxygen deficit is the key to the development and progression of all disease processes as subsequent toxin build up from oxygen deficiency is the cause of all degenerative disease including cancer. Thus expect ozone treatment for your animal when you visit the clinic.