Sprayed by a Skunk

IF you have ever encounter a SKUNK and have been sprayed, you know the smell can be horribly annoying. Not only is the smell annoying, getting the smell off your animals fur can be even more annoying.

Just the other day, a Saturday night in fact, I was taking my four dogs for our nightly walk in the woods behind my house when my worst nightmare came to pass…one of my dogs got sprayed by a skunk. ALL over his face and head!

Now I have to admit, even though am a veterinarian, I had to google to find a natural skunk rinse recipe when I got home. My go to has always been Dr. Karen Becker because she has excellent blogs about anything and everything. And what do you know…She had a blog on How to Get Rid of Skunk Smell from Your Animals Fur. To read more and get the recipe, click here