Unleashing the Power of Ozone and Ultraviolet

Let’s play a little word association game. You know, I say “ball” you say “bat”. I say “phone”, you say “call”. Okay, here goes, “Ozone”…how about “Ultraviolet”. I’m guessing you didn’t say “health” or “therapy”. If you did, then you’re a step ahead of the rest, but if you didn’t, don’t worry, that’s why we’re writing this article. Before we get into it though, Kathy is going to share Bluebelle’s story with you.

Well, I must say that I was a little apprehensive as this was my first use of ozone AND ultraviolet on a patient. I had utilized ozone many times as a solo therapy but this one needed everything I could give and for that reason I decided to add the ultraviolet therapy (biophtonic therapy)! A 16 month old, intact female Sheltie, Blue Merle presented to her traditional vet at 12 months of age with an acute, severe auto-immune polyarthritis/myositis (multiple joint pain and muscle pain to the point that she did not move, was constipated and dehydrated). She had a heat cycle at eleven months of age, vaccinations at 8.5, 12.5 and 16.5 weeks of age with no known problems and had maintained a grain free diet her entire life.

This episode took place in December in frigid northern Utah. Right at first she was given both oral and injectable Rimadyl with little response but developed conjunctivitis and a cloudy cornea lesion in one eye at one week out from the original presentation. At two weeks she would not stand, had extreme pain and dehydration, and OD 1/2 cornea also developed a proliferative fleshy growth. What’s more, the radiographs and blood work up did not reveal an etiology. The suspected and working diagnosis was autoimmune polyarthritis and superficial keratitis. She was subsequently treated with a Dexamethasone IV, Baytril IM, oral Prednisone, Orbax, Dexamethasone eye drops and Pepcid. After receiving this regiment, she had a reduction in symptoms by two days, however when the oral Prednisone was reduced in dosage to once daily, the polymyositis/arthritis returned but now with both eyes having proliferative lesions. As a side note, she also gained five pounds. An increase in steroids, subconjunctival injections of steroids and the addition of lmuran had the same effect of alleviating the symptoms until the dosing was reduced. Believing there was nothing left to do, the RDVM recommended euthanasia to the owner. So, as you might expect, this is where I came into the picture…their last hope. I didn’t recommend euthanasia but instead started her off with an O3UV treatment weekly for four weeks and reduced her oral prednisone to once every four days. We also immediately took her off the Imuran and amazingly, she began to heal! By her eighth treatment, she was able to receive her rabies vaccination which she had temporarily been exempted from due to her illness. We continued to probe for the cause for her autoimmune issues unsuccessfully but suspect an occult infection with concurrent trigger of her first heat cycle.

Clinically, she had responded so well from the very first O3UV treatment that surgery and her rabies vaccination was possible. We are continuing to do a preventative treatments every 4-6 months. She has lost her seven pound weight gain and her eyes have stabilized with small, superficial corneal opacification lesions that have been diagnosed as genetic corneal dystrophy. Most importantly, she is now 26 months old, off all medication and appears happy, healthy and pain free!

Now if you are still reading at this point I think it’s fair to say that the testimony has peaked your interest. So just what did happen with Bluebelle? What is this O3UV treatment anyway and how long has it been around? Well let’s find out!

In 1856, just 16 years after its discovery, ozone was utilized to sterilize instruments in a health care facility. From its earliest years all the way through to today, ozone has proven to be good for more than just the sterilization of instruments. In fact, for some physicians and veterinarians alike, it has become the therapy of choice to treat anything from non-healing wounds to tuberculosis . The ease, efficacy and cost of the therapy make it a no-brainer in the treatment of diseases.

A few decades later, a scientist, Emmitt K. Knott of Seattle, WA ran some experiments. By exposing blood to UVC rays he was able to successfully treat a women on deaths doorstep with sepsis. The Knott Hemo-Irradiator was built and after more trials and testing, Biophotonic therapy, or Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation (UBI) really began to take off. It’s spread was contagious and it began to show up in hospitals across the US until the 1950’s when the excitement over antibiotics, vaccines and steroids caused hospitals to shelve their Biophotonic devices in favor of these “wonder drugs” despite the fact that for certain indications (hepatitis, viral pneumonia, shingles etc) UBI treatment was demonstrably superior.

In the present age, both ozone and Biophotonic therapy are alive and well in both human and veterinary medicine although its popularity is much more widespread in Europe and other countries around the world than it is here in the US. In fact, there are over forty countries that boast ozone organizations with a number of those also touting the healing power of light.

While both ozone and biophotonic therapy are often used separately, we began to see that using them in conjunction would provide us with a way to treat the patient more comprehensively and thus the term “O3UV” was coined. O3UV is basically combining what has traditionally been known as Major Autohemotherapy (MAHT) and Biophotonic therapy (aka Ultraviolet Blood Irradiaion) into one “Super Therapy”, a method first tested by Dr. Frank Shallenberger.

We don’t have the time in this article to properly address all of the issues that we would like to (please visit www.O3vets.com for more information) but just to give you an idea of what the procedure looks like, a small amount of blood is withdrawn from the patient, mixed with saline, treated with ozone gas and then re-infused past the UV light and back to the patient. “Great!”, you say “but how does that help my patient?” Well, that really is the question isn’t it. What do these naturally occurring substances actually do?

Many doctors realize that the training that they receive does a pretty good job at preparing them for diagnosing an illness and also treating the symptoms with medication, but it doesn’t really prepare them to see beyond those symptoms and treat the organic causes. Both ozone and biophotonic therapy would be classified as non-specific therapies that target homeostatic imbalances in the body. Dr. Frank Shallenberger MD says, …(Medical ozone is a) treatment that stimulates and stabilizes rather than suppressing biological functions…ozone itself does not produce the healing effect. Instead, it induces the body’s innate healing mechanisms to create the healing effect. Thus, unlike medications and herbs, it can be successfully used in essentially every medical condition regardless of the diagnosis.”i (www.antiagingmedicine.com) The same could be said for Biophotonic therapy. It has been the ability of these therapies, working through their distinct mechanisms to help promote whole body health that has caught the attention of human and animal practitioners alike.

We know that when treating a disease with drugs or antibiotics we are introducing harmful substances into the body but the alternative of not treating is often not an option. For this reason many who are reading this article have turned to alternative treatments that don’t carry with them the negative side effects that are so common with traditional treatment regiments. With O3UV we have a history of efficacy and safety that is unparalleled. Around here we like to say that it’s “safer than aspirin”. In fact, it’s much safer than aspirin.

Some of the major effects of an O3UV treatment are:

  • Inactivation of bacteria and virus
  • Oxygenation and increased circulation
  • Promotion of antioxidant buffering enzymes
  • Anti-inflammatory properties
  • Immune Modulation

As you can imagine, the vast spectrum of positive effects recorded have caused more than a little skepticism from the casual observer but the thousands of studies on both medical ozone and biophotonic therapy speak for themselves (visit www.drsubi.com and also www.drsozone.com). As already mentioned, the effect of O3UV to stimulate the body’s own healing mechanism is the basis for its use as an adjunctive to treat almost any known illness. The following is a short list of the categories of illnesses that can be treated:

  • Bacterial
  • Cancer
  • Viral
  • Auto-immune
  • Circulatory
  • Inflammatory
  • Respiratory

In reference to biophotonic therapy, Dr. Robert Rowen MD has said, “German research documents a rise in oxygen consumption and oxidation within the body. Stimulation of mitochondrial oxidation results in greater ATP production. In effect, UV blood irradiation therapy may be providing an inactivation of bacteria, a more resistant terrain, improved circulation, alkalinization, etc. UV photons, absorbed by hemoglobin, are gradually released over time, continuing the stimulation to the body’s physiology.”ii In essence, although the mechanism by which the functions of the immune system are brought into balance are still theoretical, the clinical evidence has shown that ultraviolet energy can have this effect. The ability of this therapy to calm the immune system when it is unnecessarily overreacting has been well documented. In fact, in one studyiii done on dogs that underwent bone marrow transfusions, Biophotonic therapy was administered and successfully reduced the occurrence of Graft-versus-host disease. In GVHD, the donor cells will fight against the body because it sees it as foreign. Biophotonic therapy encourages these belligerent cells to leave well enough alone. On the flip side, other autoimmune issues such as MS, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Lupus have seen dramatic, positive effects. What we have come to understand then is that O3UV can take a compromised immune system that is not able to fight off disease and stimulate it into action or in the case of a hyper-active immune system, calm it down.

Alongside of the Immune system regulation, O3UV does a bang up job at stimulating the immune system to fight bacteria and virus as well as some fungi and yeasts. The effect is similar in concept to that of a vaccine. When virus or bacteria in the blood are treated with ozone and UV light and then reintroduced into the patient’s blood stream, it kicks off a cascade effect the ultimately helps the body rid itself of the harmful pathogens.

In conclusion, I would like to encourage you to do just one thing. Think about incorporating O3UV into your clinic, because, in the words of Margo Roman, DVM, “The addition of Ozone with Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation or O3UV has increased and potentiated the O3 treatments and are a needed treatment for Lyme, infection, allergies, kidney, liver and cardiac issues as well as cancer. It is easily administered and very cost effective for such an important tool in any practice.” Thus, in a world where sickness is inevitable, you cannot afford to be without this incredible tool!

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