All cells in the body have mitochondria. Mitochondria are analogous to tiny factories in cells that produce all essential ingredients for the life functions of our bodies. The mitochondria factories in the cells comprise 40% of the total volume of the cell! In fact a full 10% of the entire body weight of a human comes from mitochondria!!!! These mitochondria create energy by utilizing fat, glucose and OXYGEN and then depending upon what specialized tissue the cell is in, the specialty end product is created. Thus all organ function, elimination, repair, reproduction, hormones, digestion and even the function of senses and thoughts are all fundamentally created by mitochondria. Thus aging and all diseases of aging are primarily caused by decreased oxygen utilization by the mitochondria. It isn't just the delivery of oxygen to the cells, but more importantly the cells' ability to utilize oxygen that is key. In other words, the key to treatment and prevention of disease is optimum oxygen utilization. Ozone is highly charged oxygen with an extra electron that enables it to travel through tissue, biofilm and cell membranes arriving at the mitochondria. There it goes back to the more electrically stable form of oxygen, a paired molecule instead of the triplet molecule of ozone. As explained above, oxygen is the absolute and most critical nutrient for the body. Ozone revives and efficiently gets the factories running again. Thus is can reverse degenerative processes of inefficiently run factories.


The use of medical ozone is well documented with over 150 years of use in humans and literally hundreds of thousands of treatments have been done on humans treating over 114 different disease processes. There is no better molecule or agent in nature to destroy viruses, bacteria and fungi both in the body and outside of the body. This is so vitally important as we run out of effective and safe pharmacologic agents such as antibiotics. And there are no side effects or dangers in using medical ozone unlike the pharmacologic options. The physiologic actions of ozone of creating and enhancing the clean and efficient metabolism of the mitochondrial factories, is essential to health at all levels.

Ozone is powerful and can be used as a stand alone treatment. However, addressing the reasons why the mitochondrial factories became inefficient in the first place greatly enhances long term health. In almost all patients and disease processes, ozone must be combined with other natural therapies to create an individualized plan and journey of health for the individual. For more detailed information on ozone see and Dr. Shallenberger's site

Dr. Backus DVM uses the following ozone therapy options:

  • Direct IV infusion into a major vessel; equine use only!

  • Major auto-hemotherapy: blood is drawn into saline and mixed with ozone and reinfused into a major vessel; small animals

  • Minor auto-hemotherapy: blood is mixed with ozone and injected into the muscle

  • Rectal/vaginal insufflation

  • Limb/body bagging: body or parts of the body are bathed in humidified ozone

  • Ozonated liquids: saline or LRS can be used topically, SQ injection or IV. Water can be ozonated and consumed or used topically

  • Intra-articular administration: for joint healing called prolo-therapy/sclerotherapy. More detail in prolo-therapy

  • Disc protrusions: Prolo-therapy can be injected at interspinous spaces and around facets with the goal to help stabilize the joint and accelerate healing

  • Acupuncture and chiropractic treatments are greatly enhanced with ozone

  • Ozonated olive oil: ozone is bubbled through the oil to create ozonides in the thickened oil end product that is stable for the life of the oil product. The ozonides are not irritating and thus can be applied topically even to eyes!!

  • Subconjunctival injection: for corneal ulcers and dry eye conditions

  • Gingival and tooth apex injection: can eliminate deep tooth infections

  • Urinary bladder insufflation: for chronic inflammation or cystitis

  • Auricular or ear direct application: humidified ozone and ozonides through a device designed to directly apply to ear canal. Infections and vestibular disease/vertigo


Prolozone is a technique that combines the principles of neural therapy, prolotherapy, and ozone therapy. It involves injecting combinations of procaine, anti-inflammatory medications, homeopathics, vitamins, minerals, proliferatives and ozone/oxygen gas into degenerated or injured joints or into areas of pain. This technique was developed by Dr. Shallenberger MD. It is a remarkable way to regenerate damaged tissues and address previously untreatable pain. Again as illustrated above, when healing mechanisms in the body fail, it is a localized area of decreased oxygen utilization in connective tissue, ligaments and/or cartilage, the mitochondrial factories have become inefficient. When a joint enters the cycle of chronic pain and degeneration, it further feeds more degeneration and pain. Specifically this is called the circle of chronic pain where a trauma occurs; the tissue cells' have decreased oxygen utilization; have decreased cell membrane potential and increased free radical damage; increased tissue damage, edema and inflammation which adds further insult and so on. Prolozone's components each have a specific biological purpose and action. Procaine acts to re-establish cellular membrane potentials.  Anti-inflammatory agents decrease edema and swelling. Homeopathics energetically work on the damage. Vitamins provide necessary substrates for oxygen utilization.  And finally ozone directly stimulates and corrects decreased oxygen utilization in the cell. The result is a kick start of the healing cycle in the tissue and stimulation of growth factors and their effects thus regenerating tissue and repairing the joint without surgical intervention. Prolozone is not considered a painful technique though some nervous or sensitive pets may benefit from sedation. Prolozone is one of the absolute safest therapies available. Depending upon the type and extent of injury, the patient size and lifestyle and other factors, the treatment protocol varies. The usual goal is 3-5 treatments 3-4 weeks apart. In addition, other concurrent therapies are often used such as low level laser therapy, PEMF, acupuncture, chiropractic and always the cause is sought to address the contributors to long term healing. To learn more about this brilliant therapy, there is a prolotherapy journal and website that has everything you would ever want to learn about prolozone. It is



Biophotonic blood therapy is known by a few names: UBI or Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation, Photo-oxidative therapy, O3UV and other names. It has been around since the 1920's and has been tested on humans and now is being used in animals!! There have been over 200 clinical studies published in the use in humans and literally 100,000's of treatments have been done on humans. I have a machine that can be used to treat very small animals up to horses. I use the combination of ozone and ultraviolet together in a process where blood is withdrawn from the animal in small amounts, diluted with saline, infused with ozone and then passed through the ultraviolet light and re-infused into the animal. Why do I use both ozone and ultraviolet light therapy? World renown physician and trainer for medical ozone therapy, Dr. Frank Shallenberger MD, pioneered the use of both ozone and UV light together. He knew the clinical effects of both as oxidative therapy but also noted the positive effects of one was synergistic with the positive effects of the other. Both ozone and UV light therapy are excellent germidcial therapies and both have little to no side effects. So he began combining the two and the effects were better than ever as single therapies. How can such a small amount of blood treated be such a powerful therapy in the entire body? This can be explained by the hemoglobin in the RBC that picks up the ultraviolet light and brings it into the body. The light is released in tissue where cells are struggling with an antigen, virus, bacteria or inflammatory response. The blood carrying the antigen or invading agent that was exposed to the ultraviolet light and ozone now has an inactivation protocol to carry to the rest of the body.  In a sense it is similar to an auto-vaccine and the information is now a prototype for the immune system to be properly directed. It is like a powerful battle plan for the armed forces of the body, the immune system. Thus it also is stunningly effective for auto-immune diseases, allergies and inflammatory processes. My prompted first clinical use for O3UV therapy was for my beloved older Rhodesian Ridgeback, Sinyala in March 2013.  In Dec 2012, Sinyala picked up a soil based fungus called coccidiomycosis or Valley Fever when we were in St. George, UT over the holidays. The traditional treatment is an antifungal drug that is expensive and not without side effects. The cost could have been as high as $500 per month as a veterinarian!! And the treatment often needs to be for life!! Sinyala was only born with one kidney and the potential toll and side effects to the kidney made a lifelong treatment of the anti-fungal drug undesirable. Sinyala did start on the drug and had no clinical improvement at all. Then I went with the Biophotonic treatment. Within two treatments 7 days apart, she was starting to eat!!! She only was on the expensive drug for 90 days, concurrently with the Biophotonic therapy, to reach clinical remission! I can not emphasize how profound this is when people are routinely giving up their big dogs to shelters because they can not afford the anti-fungal drug treatment costs especially with the prognosis of needing lifelong drug therapy!!! In people, Valley Fever has also surged recently with devastating disease including death. My hope is that people will learn and demand for the Biophotonic therapy. A great webpage to learn more about Biophotonic therapy in animals is


Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) offers a historically long and extensive healing paradigm. All species respond well to acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine including herbs, laser stimulation and aquapuncture or the injection of substances such as homeopathics, vitamins and even ozone. My training began as the last student scholarship training for veterinary students in 1995 with IVAS. My certification is current through AAVA (American Academy of Veterinary Acupuncture). This certifying course and entity is so much more than a short week-end course! My continual interest and expanded knowledge of TCM enhances all healing therapies. The emphasis is finding the cause or underlying problem for that individual rather than a cookbook approach of therapeutic points to alleviate symptoms. Most animals tolerate acupuncture very well.  In China, acupuncture is considered a latter resort approach to healing. Chinese herbal therapy and massage is utilized first as it is a more embracing to the individuals' healing system and for the long term effect of rebalancing that individual. The Chinese herbs that I use are from companies that I have done in person research to confidently know the source and quality of the ingredients and the manufacturing integrity. This is essential in this day both for the quality and efficacy for the patient but also for the long term sustainability for the environment.


All bodies move within the constant force of gravity. Movement is life and certainly quality of life. Addressing the most balanced movement possible for a physical body while honoring the current process of health allows for a causal approach or focus. Often concurrent therapies are employed to maximally utilize chiropractic therapy. My education in postural rehabilitation has expanded my knowledge and skill set in working with the bodies' fractal patterns, going for a "hole in one" or the biggest input to the nervous system by primary upper cervical focus.  90% of all information "input" to the body is from C2 up. The priority of the nervous system is to protect the brain/brainstem and spinal cord from twist, torque, tension or pressure, then to keep upright and not unceremoniously hit the ground, perform actions for preserving life; food input and safety and then finally pain.  Using chiropractic to chase pain symptoms is within the paradigm of traditional medicine, throwing a treatment or therapy at symptoms. I use chiropractic in the evaluation of why those symptoms may be there and then correct the bodies' relationship with gravity so that the inherent healing mechanisms are triggered and a big and lasting change occurs. This ultimately is a more profound but astonishingly gentle approach with the animals tolerating it and even seeking the input and working with me. It also can be a more involved process that one may not be used to, much more than a 15 min wham bam out the door experience. My training in chiropractic is certification with AVCA (American Veterinary Chiropractic Association) in 2001, this is an involved weeks to months training and testing for certification not a week-end course. and



We all can agree that we are profoundly and inextricably affected by the constant force of gravity, if we live on earth. How physical bodies move in relation to this force is the key to both the longevity and the quality of life. When joints are moving in an unbalanced way in relation to the force of gravity, degeneration results. This force of gravity is constantly affecting the body every minute of our entire life. If the body is inefficient in counteracting the force of gravity using a significant or even a small amount of additional energy to do so, that energy is not available for other life essential body functions. The body has great energy potential and when the use of the energy is taxed or burdened by all of the things that the body must ever increasingly deal with, energy becomes very very precious. The body may be forced to de-prioritize some body function and compromise healing and/or function. Thus organ function, autonomic nervous system function and emotions are all deeply effected by inefficient relationship with gravity as well as the performance athlete. If the body is using mobilizer muscles to stabilize against gravity, that is an extremely inefficient and taxing energy proposition. A body has the full capacity to heal itself. Getting the body to its most efficient state in its relationship to gravity is the key to unlocking deficient or sufficient energy resources and processes to heal. Thus the healing takes place at rest, when most of the energy is available to do so. How an animal or human body interacts with gravity at rest is posture. This is different from conformation. This is the difference between chasing symptoms and deeply correcting and engaging the healing process. The teeth, feet and observation of posture both at rest and in movement are addressed. Dr. Kathy Backus DVM has attended eight of the training sessions in postural rehabilitation. This training has become a foundational concept of her practice. A good website to learn more about this concept is


PEMF stands for Pulsed Electromagnetic Field. This is an FDA approved therapy where pulsed electromagnetic fields are applied to the body. The fields reach deep into any tissue.  Every cell in the body communicates by electromagnetic energy, it is the lifeforce of the cells. The transmembrane potential is an electrical differentiation and poorly functioning cells have low membrane potential. I have the portable PMT-100 AT machine that can be used from cats to horses and everything in between. The mat is a mainstay or foundation on the exam table for animals. This really will change medicine as Dr. OZ exclaimed on his recent show about PEMF! To view and get all the information about PEMF, visit To recap, PEMF literally re-energizes cells back to the optimal potential so cellular metabolism is restored to the most efficient state. It is all about cellular function and PEMF is integral therapy. I would like to invite you to a wonderful website that I recently have been introduced to. This website is the most the most thorough that I have found for education and resources as well as cost comparisons on PEMF machines. As of 2018, I have been introduced to and am a distributor of the Bemer.  The Bemer is the highest quality PEMF wellness device carrying a patented signal that NASA endorses. We use the Bemer Pro or the Vet Bemer with every animal that comes to the clinic. And we have access for the humans too!



How cool is this, there are small portable home units of PEMF for animals. I have used assisi loops for a few years now even before I purchased my big unit. PEMF is a home run for chronic pain even FDA approved for such but the amazing range of other uses is remarkable. From brain cancer to colic, PEMF brings a therapeutic effect. You will want to have one of these at home for your personal and your animals' first aid kit!!



The alpha stim unit is a cranial electrical stimulation therapy where micro-current of electrical energy at a very specific waveform is applied by clips to the ears. It is excellent for pain especially head pains, migraines, head injury and anxiety and depression. It directly affects neurotransmitters and creates a cumulative and lasting effect clinically. It looks like earphones of a little ipod on the head and the animals love it. My most impressive clinical case was with a dog with acute and sever neck pain. He immediately relaxed and had pain relief and the look on his face was precious. Another big use is anytime the animal is very nervous, even to retrain toenail trimming experiences! has extensive information on the therapy and one amazing tidbit to note is the use in military veterans and PTSD and depression, a non-drug alternative that is powerful and works!!



I have used the Q1000 class 4 laser since 2010. In 2005, the FDA approved Class 4 therapy lasers in the US and the science of laser therapy has developed rapidly ever since. It is always fascinating to me to watch therapies or modalities in holistic medicine be touted as 'crazy and no scientific evidence' by the traditional medical side and then five years later become mainstream! This is the case with Class 4 lasers, the clinical success and subsequent acceptance of low level laser therapy in veterinary medicine has exploded since 2011. Likewise the scientific validation has also exponentially increased. Light emitted by the laser is absorbed by blood, hemoglobin specifically, water and mitochondria. As mentioned in the beginning foundational therapy of ozone, mitochondria make up a full 10% of the entire body weight of a human. A similar ratio exists in animals. Mitochondria are the factories of the cells and the key to all degenerative disease in the body including aging is decreased oxygen utilization. Low level light (laser) therapy works by two major physiological pathways. The first is by creating a thermal and pressure gradient literally at the speed of light in cells and tissue that increases the micro-circulation in the area. This delivers more oxygen and other components in the blood to the area. The second pathway physiologically is to speed up the release of oxygen by the hemoglobin and thus more oxygen is available to the mitochondrial factories. The factories are the key way that the body creates the necessary enzymes, energy and other components of metabolism to run all functions like detoxing, regeneration of tissue, decreasing inflammation and thus the innate healing mechanism. Problems (symptoms) arise as red flags to alert us that the body is struggling with its healing function. Low level light therapy or laser is yet another tool to aid or facilitate those mechanisms in the body. The body knows the priority of regulation and modulation needed and accepts the light to boost or enhance healing mechanisms to be faster and more efficient. There is a great animated explanation of the mechanism of how light therapy works. And a great resource for the evidence behind this therapy. This can be found at



Cancer is the #2 killer of people in North America behind cardiovascular disease and could very well be the #1 killer of animals in North America. We see alot of it and it is devastating on all levels for the individual and the family. While we are still trying to discover the causes of cancer, the treatments are complex and the approach of battling or killing the cancer cells which are indeed cells of the body gone very awry, has not had the best outcome on a large scale for many or most patients. The approach of Integrative cancer therapy puts a focus on quality of life, palliative care and support for the entire family as the health journey with cancer is intense and personal and involves the entire family. We respect all choices working hand in hand with traditional treatment options and specialists and/or honor the choice of an entirely holistic approach. We also may suggest working with medical intuitive work or animal communication and energy healing techniques to help in this complex but profound health journey. Cancer can be financially overwhelming and we work with care credit for long term treatment options.

State of the art early cancer screening blood test:

The best long term outcome for cancer survival in both humans and animals is when the cancer is detected early even before there is a detectable tumor. The available tests currently developed on the human side is staggering. The absolute best resource is a book called Cancer Free! Are You Sure by Jenny Hrbacek RN. This is a must read for everyone, not just cancer patients. On the veterinary side, we have a blood test that will tell you the cancer risk or index in your animals. This is invaluable in helping to make informed decisions about what further testing and treatment options would be wise as well as the urgency to move forward with an action plan. It is also a great test to monitor the progress and effectiveness with any current cancer treatment plan. For more information, visit We have this testing available as well as Vit D3 testing through this lab. We also have worked with clients sending the test kit to them for their veterinarian to utilize in a team approach.



Just as in humans, low Vitamin D3 levels are rampant in our companion animals. We as humans absorb most of our Vit D3 from sunlight. Animals rely on absorption from their gut as the primary source of Vit D3. There is an extremely high correlation between low Vit D3 and cancer in both people and animals. We offer the easy and quick test kit for Vit D3 screening in animals as well as the proper bioavailable Vitamin D3 supplement. For more information on how important Vitamin D3 levels are in animals, visit:


Neoplasene is a proprietary formula of the north American herb Bloodroot. Dr. Fox PHD created the formula and literally saved his own life from an aggressive and invasive and inoperable cancer. The formulation can be used topically, orally and IV or injected into a tumor. It is one fantastic option for cancer and is currently undergoing clinical trial in animals at a veterinary college. My experience with neoplasene goes back 5-6 years now and has been profound and clinically satisfying. One must also consider the biological terrain in the body that allowed the cancer process to take a hold in the first place. Having neoplasene as a tool gives great hope and options for cancer therapy. Again the following webpage says it all in great detail:



Nutrigenomics is a branch of scientific study that is developing rapidly. It is the study of the effects of foods, food constituents and nutrition on gene expression. The research focuses on identifying and understanding molecular level interaction between nutrients and other dietary bio-actives with the genome. The goal is to develop rational means to optimize nutrition with respect to the subject's particular genotype. With the advances in technology and ability to know and work with genes of various species, this research is rapidly expanding. I have a particular personal interest in this with my journey of multiple food sensitivities including gluten, corn and eggs that triggered my auto-immune thyroiditis. Thus has sparked my profound professional interest in animals and nutrigenomics. Veterinarians do not get an unbiased or even basic foundational training in nutrition. Holistic veterinarians have grasped the importance of nutrition and health and have a better understanding as general practitioners. You literally are what you eat and the symptoms of food intolerances are not obvious because they are not immediate like anaphylactic shock in an allergy.  Complicating the matter is the ever rapidly expanding changes introduced into foods with GMO, pesticide resistant plants and commercial preparation. This is a big topic and is fascinating and far reaching in implications for both human and animal health. A websites to explore further this topic is:


Nambudripads Allergy Elimination Technique is a brilliant compilation  of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) concepts, energy medicine, Kinesiology, chiropractic, allopathy and nutrition. Dr. Devi Nambudripad MD,D.C., L.AC, PH.D. (Acupuncture) is the creator of this therapy. Just look at the letters behind her name and if that doesn't grab your attention than her story of debilitating allergies and still achieving the level of higher education is remarkable and powerful. NAET works but is not a magic bullet or a quick process.  It often requires hard work and devotion but is well worth the "cure". It is one of the only therapies that I know of that will ultimately keep my body from developing full blown auto immune disease in the long run given my personal food sensitivities and genome and response of auto-immune process in my body. I have taken the Basic and Advanced course of NAET and have the kits. See



This is an extensive topic in both humans and animals. One thing that can not be argued is the extent and the prevalence of toxins or substances that our bodies now are exposed to and asked to eliminate from the body. Those systems can very easily get overwhelmed. The goal is to always gently facilitate the body to eliminate toxins even in the face of ongoing input or exposure. The techniques are variable and individualized for the patient but include homeopathy and light therapy.


Colloidal silver is a fabulous antimicrobial agent when formulated well. I use the formulation in many ways from an eye drop solution with sea salt to straight oral use and my most favorite of all is silver rain soap. This formulation is in a suspension that does not burn, penetrates the tissue and allows for a complete distribution of the silver to the tissue and it smells great. In 2019, lab testing verified the power of silver rain soap.


Although we are a small clinic, we are pleased to have a portable x-ray unit for when a situation may call for one. Having a portable x-ray unit allows for us to visualize inside the body to check for various issues, including broken bones, ingestion of foreign bodies, hoof balancing, growths and abnormalities, and more.