Dr. Kathy Backus DVM

Dr. Kathy Backus DVM has been a veterinarian  since 1996. She graduated from The Ohio State University School of Veterinary Medicine and received her undergraduate degree in Biology from the University of Cincinnati.

She's been a full time practicing veterinarian and solo practice owner for 10 years in rural Kanab, UT; gaining experience in all aspects and with all species encountered in veterinary medicine. This practice was an integrative practice, blending traditional and holistic medicine.

Dr. Kathy Backus DVM has always had an interest in holistic medicine earning an acupuncture scholarship through IVAS during veterinary school. She has been involved with holistic veterinarians through the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association since veterinary school, founding a chapter at Ohio State. This connection has been a literal spiritual lifeline, supporting her exploration of a holistic medical paradigm over the years and connecting with mentors that keep her inspired and grateful for the shared journey.

In 2012, she sold her practice in Kanab and moved to Kaysville as a result of her wonderful marriage to Howard Kent. Their farm allows for veterinary services and a recent remodel created a sacred healing space for animals to visit and restore and relax as well as their guardians.

Dr. Kathy Backus DVM holds certification in:

  • Chiropractic through AVCA
  • Postural rehabilitation: Maximum Horse Power all modules of small and large animal
  • Acupuncture through IVAS
  • Ozone therapy: Dr. Shallenberger MD's course AAOT.US
  • AERC veterinary control judge for the sport of endurance

She is also currently completing a 2 year certification course in animal communication through the Gurney Institute. She has completed 40 cases or over 200 hours of cases with mentorship.  In addition, she has completed 14 full days of course work with Carol Gurney.

And another 200 hours of webinars and coaching to achieve completion of the course through Level 4.  Additional training with Wynter Worsthorne in South Africa at the White Lion Trust facility is in the works for May 2015.  Dr. Backus is excited to bring this service to her practice.

Dr. Kathy Backus DVM is a continuing education junkie attending multiple webinars, seminars and conferences as well as constantly reading and networking. This creates a deep breadth of knowledge and continually evolving network of resources.

Dr. Kathy Backus DVM shares the sport of endurance horse riding with her horsey husband Howard and they can be found together along with their large horse family and four active dogs almost any day of the week. She also has a great love for cycling; training at the best indoor cycling facility: Kinetic Fitness Cycle!  She also utilizes TRX for core work to support the long hours on the horse during endurance riding!! She walks her talk for her horses by training and participating in ultra events such as rim to rim at the Grand Canyon and pacing at the Wasatch 100!  In 2015, Kathy and Howard will be competing in Tevis, a one hundred mile prestigeous endurance event.