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Our goal is primarily to share information, as knowledge is empowering.

Uniquely, we offer coaching through this novel treatment paradigm as well as emotional process, including the conscious dying process. The following rates pertain to complex chronic disease and cancer. Wellness consultations and other professional services can be discussed prior to the appointment.


An initial evaluation/consultation and on site visit is an appointment with Dr. Backus and establishes your animal as a patient. All pertinent medical records including diagnostics are obtained before the initial consultation. Dr. Backus's medical record review is included as part of the billed time. A thorough evaluation including an examination provides additional and unique information about the animal as well as clarifies the family relationship and overall goal. An action plan is created as well as an estimate of costs for the suggested action plan. Follow up emails or phone conversations to clarify this initial and involved evaluation are included in the consultation time.

Valued at: $175 per hour. Expect 1-2 hours for this service.


Often information on how a holistic approach may benefit the health journey is desired. Dr. Backus can review the medical records and formulate an opinion on the options and value of a holistic approach. This can be done over the phone keeping in mind that she can not diagnose, or prescribe treatments without establishing a patient relationship. This does not replace the initial evaluation and consultation and if the on site initial evaluation and consultation is done within two weeks of the medical records review, then a courtesy discount of 10% is given off the price of the initial evaluation and consultation.

Valued at: $75. Expect 15-30 min total time, for basic medical records consisting of 25 pages or less.

Valued at: $175. Expect 45-1 hour total time, for extensive medical records consisting over 25 pages.


Whether you are looking for guidance for your veterinarian to utilize holistic options especially for out of state patients, or you are seeking information, tele-medicine services can provide a detailed consultation with your veterinarian in a shared team approach that holds the legal client patient relationship to be able to diagnose, prescribe and treat your animal.

If you want to discuss the general options available to you to know what is possible or just get clarification on your animals situation, tele-medicine and coaching are great options and can be done via zoom or on the phone and recorded.


Payment in full is required at the time of your appointment. We do accept CareCredit. Please use one of the links below to pay now or to apply for CareCredit. You will be redirected to the CareCredit website.


To get started sharing your pet's medical records, please click on the Create My Account link below. This will take you to the Healthie platform that we use to collaborate and share with our clients. If you have received an invitation from our office, please refer to that link.

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