Kathy and Angel;

Thank you both for the care and love you gave to Tyra during her visits to the clinic.

It was with your help and care that she was able to complete the last part of her journey here on earth with such grace and high energy.

Her passing and the days leading up to her passing were carefully crafted to ensure that she had all the experiences that she needed to expand and grow to the fullest extent that this incarnation would allow. Perhaps even more!

I was truly amazing to see how the events unfolded and honored to be a witness to it all.

Tyra came full circle and completed her earthly life with an A+. Even on the day of her passing everything was so complete. I have never felt so at ease with letting a Dog go as I was with Tyra. Although some sadness was involved it was also very beautiful and I really felt that everything was completed perfectly. Tyra was amazing and I know this life experience changed her and through her passing I was also changed. It was like a gift was given back to me. I can't explain it any better that that.

So as you both played a vital role in her completion I just wanted to say Thank You once more. Tyra thanks you as well. Also Thank you for the card you sent.

I am sure we will see both you again.

Tyra, Rokko and Me.