Our Process

There is no board specialty for holistic or alternative medicine. Thus by this legal definition, Dr. Backus does not call herself an expert or specialist. However, the rigor and continual study of holistic therapies conceptually equivocates her expertise to a specialist. In addition, her commitment to embrace clear communication and coaching support throughout the process of unraveling the medical issue as well as seeking out and sorting through the imbalance of health for an individual patient is invaluable. This is a much more time intensive approach than a traditional 10-15 minute appointment. Thus the value is best conveyed by units of time. In other words, the price or valued exchange is in 15 minute increments.

It is wise to be clear with your goal and write down your questions to stay on track and focused during the consultation time. Cancer is multifaceted and much more complicated often involving several veterinarians. We offer a variety of services from medical record review to onsite consultation to consulting with your veterinarian to a medical health coach and advocate, serving as the organizer of information and primary communicator for the entire health team.