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Prolozone Therapy

Prolotherapy is a nonsurgical regenerative injection technique that introduces small amounts of an irritant solution to the site of painful and degenerated tendon insertions (entheses), joints, ligaments, and in adjacent joint spaces during several treatment sessions to promote growth of normal cells and tissues.

For the patient, the goal of Prolotherapy in chronic musculoskeletal pain and instability is the stimulation of body’s natural healing and regenerative processes in the joint that will facilitate the repair and regrowth of connective tissue, ligaments, tendons for tensile strength, and cartilage and other joint stabilizing structures such as labral tissue.

Prolotherapy is one of the safest therapies available. Depending upon the type and extent of injury, the patient size and lifestyle, and other factors, the treatment protocol varies from patient to patient. The usual goal is 3-5 treatments 3-4 weeks apart.

PLEASE NOTE: We use homeopathics, procaine, and ozone gas in our solution. Ozone, as a gas, is able to travel along fascial planes to the areas in the body that are inflamed. Ozone also has that extra electron to attract to tissue that is inflamed and heal the action potential across the cell membrane. We also use the PEMF machine during our sessions to also give that synergistic support to the tissue.

Some animals may need a mild sedation for prolozone therapy, while other animals are perfectly treatable without any sedation.

European Journal of Integrative Medicine: Clinical Trials show Traumeel® and Zeel® Injections were shown to deliver safe, statistically significant, and clinically relevant pain relief for moderate-to-severe osteoarthritis of the knee. To learn more, click here.

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