Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are your clinic hours? +

Our clinic is temporarily closed; however, mobile and telemedicine options are available.

2. What type of consultations are available? +

Our clinic is extremely unique; therefore, we have several consultation options available.

3. What is the approximate cost of a consultation? +

An initial evaluation/consultation varies on price, depending on the complexity of the health condition. Please refer to our Our Rates to learn more about the different types of consultations and basic pricing.

4. What does an initial consultation include? +

All consultations include one on one time with the doctor, a medical records review, a comprehensive physical exam, an action plan, and a follow up email. (All services/treatments/supplements are sold separately and an estimate can be provided upon request).

5. What is the value of your consultations vs. one with my traditional veterinarian? +

Our clinic is a different experience than from a traditional veterinarian’s office. The most notable aspect is we focus on forensics or finding the root cause for the health issue; therefore, we spend more time with our clients and patients. Please visit our What to Expect, and Our Philosophy to learn more.

6. How do I schedule a consultation? +

We have a few options available when requesting a consultation. You can either call our office 801-544-1512 or do an online request by visiting Contact Us.

7. Can I fill out my forms online prior to my scheduled consultation? +

YES! To make your consultation more convenient and time efficient, we request online forms to be completed & submitted prior to your scheduled consultation. The forms to be completed include: New Client, New Patient, and Consent. PLEASE NOTE: Once consultation is scheduled, we will need permission to request ANY and ALL medical records. IF medical records are not received in a timely manner prior to your appointment then you may be asked to reschedule.

8. Why do you need ANY and ALL medical records prior to the consultation? +

Medical records, even breeder and adoption records, contain enough information for a starting point to build upon. We don't want to waste your time and money redoing tests that have already been done or trying to create a timeline of events from memory. Most medical records contain accurate dates/times/assessments/and prescriptions, which could be useful when trying to identify a possible health pattern.

9. What if we don't have any medical records? +

If you don't have ANY medical records then we will start from the bottom and work our way up. However, ANY medical records, even breeder and adoption records are useful. PLEASE NOTE: Our preference is to review this information prior to consultation, so please call our office and we will be happy to give you our fax number and/or email to have information sent.

10. What if I just have a quick question, but don't want to schedule a consultation? +

Our website contains a lot of great information you can review for FREE! Please visit RESOURCES for books, articles, food options, products, and more.

PLEASE NOTE: Dr. Backus values her medical licence and cannot legally diagnosis, treat, or prescribe over the phone/email. Meaning, IT'S illegal for us to comment without establishing and client patient relationship. However, we would be happy to schedule a phone consultation for "general questions."

11. Does your clinic provide emergency care? +

We are a very small clinic and at this time don't provide a full emergency service. Please refer to our Emergency Care page for more information.

12. Does your clinic give vaccinations? +

Yes! We do offer vaccinations and have vaccination packages available depending on the vaccination need of the animal. However, it is important to note we always put the individual needs of the animal above all else. This means that some vaccinations, typically given in a bundle, are often spaced out to allow the immune system to recuperate fully between inoculation. In other instances a titer test can be performed to help identify if a vaccination is even necessary. Please refer to our Vaccination page to learn more about our vaccination protocol, the vaccines we use, and the packages available. Also, you can visit Dr. Jean Dodds website to learn more about titer testing.

13. Does your clinic do titer testing? +

Yes! We do offer titer testing for Distemper/Parvo and Rabies. The lab we prefer to use is Hemopet created by Dr. Jean Dodds who is a well respected leader in her field. If you have questions regarding Titer Testing, here is a link to her FAQ's on Titers.

14. Does your clinic spay and/or neuter and/or offer surgical services? +

Unfortunately, we are a small "specialized" clinic and don't currently offer spay and/or neuter and/or surgical services. However, we can do some procedures under a mild sedation, but if the animal requires anesthesia we will have to refer out.

15. Is there a clinic you would recommend to spay and/or neuter my pet? +

If you are looking for a minimal invasive surgical options (Laparoscopic ovariohysterectomy (spay)) then our recommendation would be the office of Dr. Pam Nichols at the Animal Care Center.

16. Does your clinic offer dental services? +

Our clinic does offer an Anesthesia Free Dental service once a month for grade 1&2 dental disease. Please be aware not all animals are candidates for this service and require a physical comprehensive exam with Dr. Backus prior to being put on the dental schedule. Also, our Anesthesia Free Dental Services are sold as a packages. Please refer to our Biologic Dentistry page to learn more.

17. Does your clinic offer equine dentistry? +

Our clinic does a balanced full mouth float, with upper cervical adjustment to ensure that your horse is in proper alignment for optimal performance and wellness. Please refer to our Biologic Dentistry page to learn more.

18. Does your clinic do Acupuncture and/or chiropractic work on small animals and horses? +

Dr. Backus is qualified and certified in both acupuncture and chiropractic work however, it is our observation that both chiropractic work and acupuncture are more efficacious and successful as part of a whole functional medicine model. Therefore we use acupuncture and chiropractic work in an integrated manner as opposed to a stand alone therapy. Please refer to our Treatment page to learn more.

19. Does your clinic offer Nutrition consultations? +

We can schedule nutrition consultations; however, if you are looking for some food ideas or best food options then we recommend visiting our Food Resources page. We have taken great time in researching and speaking with our resources and they are truly specialist in their field.

20. What do you recommend for equine nutrition? +

We attempt to mimic nature as much as possible in equine nutrition. As such, our barn manager recommends the book, ‘Feed your horse like a horse’ by Dr. Juliet M. Getty, which a link can be found on our resource page.

21. Do you offer boarding services? +

Unfortunately, we DO NOT offer boarding services. Depending on your location, you may want to ask someone who lives in your local area for recommendations or PET IN THE CITY magazine may have some recommendations, which can be picked up and around various business's in the Salt Lake City area. In our area, we recommend Animal Care Center, Idlewire Pet Care, or The Animal Park.

22. What do I do if my animal develops diarrhea and/or vomiting while transitioning/changing foods? +

Great Question! Believe it or not this is a common issue when transitioning your animal from a kibble to raw diet or vise versa. Typically, this occurs when you don't prep the gut before hand and/or during the transition and/or transition to fast. To learn more about food transitioning, click here

We do have natural supplements to prep and help the system during the transitioning process. Please let us know if you require a consultation to go over options.