Animal Communication

Dr. Kathy Backus completed four out of five Levels through the Gurney Institute’s Heart talk program for animal communication.  This program in animal communication is a two-year study with one of the most comprehensive and foundational curriculum to learn animal communication.  The rigor includes mentoring as well as completion of over 200 hours of written and critiqued cases.

This is a passion, a skill that increases with continual practice.  It is just like learning another language, the more one utilizes it, the more proficient and fluent one becomes.  We all have the ability to relearn and utilize the intuitive exchange with animals.

The Gurney Institute defines animal communication as information obtained directly from the animal without interpretive bias.  The emphasis is on a problem solving approach.  It is very much like the process of a functional medicine approach, where information is gathered and an action plan of solution is created and implemented based upon the unique picture of information gathered for that individual animal and human(s).

Dr. Kathy Backus does her work best from a picture of the animal as holding the communication channel of information gathering without the highly skilled veterinary interpretive part of her brain is accomplished solitude.  The follow up is done by phone and/or zoom meeting with both sharing the information from the animal and co-interpretation of the information with the human guardian holding the key to filling in the blanks or their side of the story so to speak.  And then a realistic action plan is created.  The session is recorded when using zoom and the action plan is sent in writing.  Most follow up sessions are 45 minutes of time.

PLEASE KNOW THAT this is not medical intuitive work; that is a completely separate skillset that is much more difficult to learn, it perhaps is more of a gifted skill.  TO BE CLEAR, when utilizing animal communication as an information gathering tool, Dr. Kathy Backus is NOT acting in the capacity of a veterinarian.

This distinction is crucial to understand and continually reiterated both verbally and in writing.  Yet, as a veterinarian who has this skill in her toolbox, Dr. Backus has the expanded ability to blend her extensive knowledge base and resources to create a unique and thorough Action Plan.

Please know that a veterinary medical consultation is a completely separate service and is treated and compensated as such.

To hold with integrity the separation of animal communication from veterinary consultation, Kathy Backus offers the animal communication service in hours outside of her practice hours. This means that it may be up to two weeks for completion, thus she focuses on non-emergency communications, the biggest emphasis in problem solving. Dr. Backus does not do lost animals situations. Her favorites are behavior issues and end of life planning.

All sessions include:

  • A ten minute pre-call that clearly defines the process, the goal and expectation for the session and sets up a follow up phone call date and time. The pre-call is set up after the forms are filled out and the picture is obtained.
  • The follow up phone session takes about 45 minutes and includes a written action plan and recording if done via zoom.
  • The cost is $90.
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