Titer Testing

Would you like to have another option to protect your pet from over-vaccination and the risk of contracting a life-threatening disease at the same time? If you answered YES then we would like to invite you to learn more about titer testing.

A titer test is a simple blood test that measures an animal's antibodies to vaccine viruses (or other infectious agents). Titers accurately assess protection to the so-called “core” diseases (distemper, parvovirus, hepatitis in dogs, and panleukopenia in cats), enabling veterinarians to judge whether a booster vaccination is necessary.

Here at Universally Holistic Services, we believe vaccinations are necessary; however, over-vaccinating serves no purpose, except creating possible future health complications for our animal friends. Therefore, we do recommend and offer titer testing as a service.

The laboratory of choice is the laboratory of Dr. Jean Dodds a.k.a Hemopet/Hemolife because they are world renowned for their titer testing. ALL results are personally reviewed and interpreted by Dr. Jean Dodds and her two trained veterinary colleagues, Drs. Andrew Zuckerman and Gary Richter. Based on pet's species, age and species, Hemopet will will provide you with suggestions if the pet should receive a booster shot.

Have Questions about Titers? Below are some resources to start your educational journey:

Average Cost for a Titer Test:

  • A Canine Distemper/Parvo Titer Test is $119.00, plus shipping costs. The results are good for 3 years then retesting is recommended.
  • A Canine Rabies Titer Test is $211.00, plus shipping costs. Please Note: Not all districts except rabies titers. If you happen to live in a district that does accept rabies titers then they are typically only good for 1 year then retesting is recommended.
  • A Feline FAVN Test is $255.00, plus shipping costs.
  • A Feline Rabies Titer Test is $211.00, plus shipping costs.
  • A Equine Titer Panel is $369.00, plus shipping costs.
  • A Equine Rabies Titer Test is $205.00, plus shipping costs.

Please Note: These prices are subject to change.

For more information regarding Titers & Testing, we recommend visiting Dr. Jean Dodds website Hemopet.org